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Sitecore digital optimisation and best practice

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Our story

Ratio was born out of a challenge faced by many marketers and organisations. The challenge being the vision of marketing technology to radically transform the way organisations engage with their audiences. From talking to hundreds of marketers over the years we discovered that the reality was very different.

One where marketers invested time, budget and resources into technology without leveraging the potential to its fullest. Hence Ratio was established, to align marketing vision to reality and map strategy to marketing technology so marketers can concentrate on what matters. Delivering the best experience possible for their customers. 



Businesses change. Technology changes. But the need for genuine expertise, trust and leadership doesn’t.

meet our team

Douglas Morris Optimisation director

Ratio - Steve Renshaw

Steve Renshaw Managing partner

Ratio - Mario Kyriacou

Mario Kyriacou Managing partner

Cassia Thomson Production director

Daniel Mocan Head of development

Alina Fodor Solution architect

Gerhart Magdas Sitecore developer

Indy Hulait Digital experience consultant

Emanuel Sinca Sitecore developer

Alex Axentioi Front-end developer

Annemarie Parsons Front-end developer

Marius Safta Head of QA

Cherise Horvath Account manager

George Raul Hodis Sitecore developer

Marius Lungu Sitecore developer

Radu Fodor Software QA

Toni Andrici Front end developer

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